Cancellation policy

Counselling Services for Waterloo Region


Self-employed therapists don't receive a regular salary, which means frequent cancellations limit our income. You will see that many therapists therefore ask for 24 hours' notice as this typically allows us enough time to offer that spot to another client and ensure consistent service. As therapy is a commitment on the part of both therapist and client, we have the following policies in place.


If a cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours' notice, this is considered a late cancellation and I will charge the full fee of the appointment. This payment is due on the same day of the scheduled appointment.

If the session is not cancelled but you do not show, this is considered a missed appointment and I will charge the full fee in this case, as well. This payment is due on the same day of the scheduled appointment.

I encourage you to check with your insurance provider as late cancellations and missed appointments may not be covered as part of your plan.


I commit to this policy in such cases as forgetting about an appointment, choosing to make alternate plans, double-booking oneself, etc. However, I can appreciate that emergencies do arise and do not always allow for 24-hour notice. In the case of a medical emergency, I will waive the above policy and not expect payment for a missed appointment. 

Please note that I do send appointment reminders either by e-mail or text. However, this is simply a courtesy as technology has its flaws; therefore, clients are still expected to keep track of their own appointments.

my commitment to you

In keeping consistent with my own policies, I will also provide at least 24 hours' notice if I need to cancel your appointment. However, I am also not immune to emergencies and will do my absolute best to notify you as soon as possible should I need to cancel last minute.