New Beginnings

The magic moment is that in which a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ may change the whole of our existence.
— Paulo Coelho

I am very excited to introduce this new resource to my website for a number of reasons. Part of the aim of this blog is to provide you with information on a variety of issues that relate to one's mental and emotional well-being. You can expect informative posts from myself as well as from other professionals within the community.

The other reason I am excited is more personal - this blog gives me an opportunity to practice what I preach. If you've met with me for a consultation or initial session, you might recall the value I place on not asking clients to take risks that I am not willing to take myself.

To be perfectly honest, I have been putting this blog off for several months as it extends somewhat outside my comfort zone. It was a New Year's resolution that took the common path of resolutions and fell by the wayside. But if you missed the boat, don’t do resolutions, broke one, or just want to make a change, it’s not too late and here’s why.

Each moment is a new beginning.

We attach change to external measurements of time that we think signify something. That might be the end of a year, a relationship, a job, a trip, or graduating from school. While there is truth to this perspective, it certainly limits us to when we can decide to make a profound transformation in our lives.

What if we recognized every moment as an opportunity for a new beginning? Like this one. Or this one.... Or even this one. 

I thought of postponing this blog until next month (there's a theme here, folks), because I had missed another deadline. But today is a new beginning and this moment is as good as any to make a change.

As a therapist, I am constantly asking people to face their fears, let go of expectations, and live a life that feels daring and authentic. While human, my avoidance of an overwhelming task left me feeling a bit hypocritical. And so, inspired by past experiences and present clients, I joyfully welcome you to my blog.