Calming Jar

Visuals can be a really helpful way to aid us when we are feeling anxious or unable to relax. A calming jar takes just a couple of materials and can be a soothing visual tool. It's an easy craft to make as an adult, but kids find the process fun and often find it a helpful soothing strategy, as well. 

For instructions on how to make your own jar, click here


cozy spot.jpg

Your kit could include:

  • Your favourite tea or treat
  • A book or journal
  • A cozy blanket or stuffed animal
  • A nice smelling candle
  • Index cards with phone numbers of support people; a helpful mantra, reminder, or quote
  • Handouts on breathing or grounding exercises
  • A picture of a loved one or pet
  • A colouring book, puzzles, etc.
  • A reminder to meditate
  • Bath salts
  • Video games

"Emergency" Kit

Part of counselling involves discovering helpful coping strategies. However, when we are in the middle of a panic attack or deep depression, it can be difficult to call up these strategies. An emergency kit is a great way to have these techniques on hand when we might not be able to think straight. 

It is helpful to have several times handy that use different parts of your senses in order to help with grounding you back to the present. You can also keep smaller versions in your work desk, car, wallet, backpack, or purse.

For additional ideas, check out this website